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3D design in cooperation

Axmatic’s products have a short lead time through 3D design and production to the customer. In designing the solutions, the shapes and materials of the final product are taken into consideration to ensure accurate positioning and support for the various components of the product. The products are thoroughly tested before delivery, and again by the customer in their own assembly process. The ergonomics, ease of modification and maintenance aspects are taken into account in the design phase


Precision tool design

Axmatic customized hand tools include various tweezers and assembly tools with a tip designed and executed according to the requirements of the final product’s assembly process. The precision hand tools are designed using 3D software. In addition to boosting the assembly process significantly, the tailor-made design also ensures that the tools do not damage the sensitive components.


Assembly work ergonomics

Ergonomics is one of the criteria taken into account by Axmatic when designing assembly tools. Experienced designers ensure that the tools provide a natural motion path for the operator and that the force needed to perform the assembly work is minimized. Better ergonomics boost the assembly process while reducing stress injuries caused by work and saving costs.


Benefits of Involving Axmatic in your Product Design

Early involvement in your product design can yield both quality improvements and enhance the functionality of your components. Recommendations will be made to potentially improve manufacturing ability and, in return, reduce the cost. Optimization of materials and reduction of unnecessary operations are often enough to gain a competitive edge on your competition. Let us help you find those opportunities.






Axmatic offers customized assembly fixtures to support or hold the product in place in a manual assembly process. In our design operations, we rely on the latest 3D CAD software to ensure that each assembly fixture will exactly match the product’s shapes and dimensions. We are capable of offering a rapid service chain from design to execution and delivery.


PCB supports

Axmatic designs and manufactures different supports for printed circuit boards. Their purpose is to hold the printed circuit board in place and in the right position during assembly. The support can be made of a soft material to avoid damage to the printed circuit board.


Clamp fixtures

Axmatic manufactures clamp fixtures for clamping printed circuit boards in place during assembly without damaging the sensitive components. This enables efficient manual assembly. Clamp fixtures, like all other Axmatic fixtures, use materials that avoid damage to the product to be assembled.


Solder fixtures

The soldering process requires a solder fixture that is exactly matched to the product’s characteristics. This allows securing the printed circuit board during soldering. Axmatic tailored solder fixtures minimize errors during the soldering process and ensure a smooth flow of products to the next assembly step.


Repair fixtures

Axmatic fixtures for repairing printed circuit boards secure the board during manual repair work. When the printed circuit board is mounted in the repair fixture, components can be easily removed and resoldered, for example.


Axmatic designs and manufactures, in small series, assembly jigs for manual assembly operations in the manufacturing industry.

In designing the solutions, the shapes and materials of the final product are taken into consideration to ensure accurate positioning and support for the various components of the product. Tailored jigs increase the efficiency of the assembly process and minimize human error.

With the efficient utilization of production capacity in mind, our customers’ product assembly processes are typically divided into steps. Axmatic products are suited to all of the steps in a variety of assembly processes. Assembly jigs can either operate independently or they can be used as supports to facilitate assembly.


  • Final and sub-assembly jigs
  • Press jigs
  • Vacuum jigs
  • Screw driving jigs


Rapid Prototyping is often the difference in beating your competitor to market. Also most successful company that makes the prototypes is a good candidate for the production. That’s why at Axmatic we place a tremendous amount of emphasis on our R&D and Prototyping capabilities . The prototyping process is not only a logical place to enhance, modify and test component features but also manufacturing methods. Whether it’s Precision Assemblies, CNC Machined Components, Intricate Metal Stampings or Medical Devices, Axmatic is ready to assist you today.


Axmatic top specialties include:

  • Rapid Prototyping of Precision Assemblies
  • Rapid Prototyping of CNC Machined Components
  • Rapid Prototyping of Intricate Metal Stampings
  • Rapid Prototyping of Medical Devices


Why Axmatic for your Prototyping Requirements?

We don’t just make parts. We will review the requested components and guide you through the process, making recommendations as we go. As part of our design review process we will make recommendation that may enhance product performance and reliability as well as reduce cost.

Gauging fixtures


Various Design & Prototype Solutions

Inspection Jig
Air Spray Gun

Jig Assembly
Pneumatic Punch Assembly

Pump Assembly
Rotating Drill Jig

Telephone Seat Clamp Frame
Solenoid Valve

Driver Test Stand
Position Control Gauge

Dorn Centering Cam
Atypical Vice

Boring Bar Setting Device
Caliper Clamping Device Machining Center

3D Crank Measurement Jig

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