Epson Spider Robot Revolution. Thanks to its unique construction, the Epson Spider robot is not only extremely compact and incredibly fast. It also uses the maximum working range of its arm lengths 100% without the otherwise usual dead zone of classical SCARA robots!

Epson Spider RS3 Extremely compact, flexible, and ideal for narrow production cells The Epson Spider is a new species of SCARA robots. These 4-axis robots designed like a human arm work on horizontal planes and are ideal for fast pick-and-place applications and assembly processes. Apart from that, the Spider combines all advantages of the high-performance Epson SCARA robots. Among them are outstanding cycle times and joining properties, high insertion forces and rigidities, superb repeatability and an excellent dead load–payload ratio. It is the first and only SCARA robot with a perfectly cylindrical envelope. Thanks to that, the impressively productive spider can reach all positions of its area of activity (100%) and also convinces with short cycle times.


  • Reach (mm): 350
  • Payload (nom./max.) (KG): 1/3
  • Max. square envelope: 495 x 495 mm
  • Max.motion range (Ø): 700 mm
  • Pallet size: e.g. 400 x 600 mm


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