Industrial Endoscope F100

FF100 is a handheld inspection device. It can detect the images which you want after connecting 1.2m industrial endoscope. The FF100 device can be used where users cannot directly observe. It can give feedback accurately through LCD screen. By using the accessories (mirror, hook or magnetic hanger), it can also enhance the range of application of the flexible pipe.

FF100 can be used securely under the environment of CAT III/CAT IV, which can achieve the possibility of application in large humidity or waterlogging circumstances.


Performance features:

  • The FF100 device is equipped with the corresponding industrial endoscope and all kinds of accessories (mirror, hook, and hanger). They can help the endoscope to process the foreign matter in the pipeline while observing images.
  • The FF100 device is equipped with a 2.45″ screen, 480*240 screen resolutions, including the touchtone power switch and LED brightness control switch.
  • The FF100 device applies the supply mode of 4 AA batteries.
  • The head dimension of the FF100 industrial endoscope is 14mm as diameter and 1.2m as length. On the top of the endoscope is equipped with camera as well as 2 high light and straight LED. The LED could be adjusted. The endoscope could work under the temperature of 5~45℃; humidity: 5%~93%; height: ≤2000m.
  • The FF device has the advantages of certain proof of water and dust, and scratch proof of LCD screen; the endoscope has the advantages of high-pressure resistance, waterproof and can be used in the damp environment.

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