Axmatic emerging input device, the touch panel has been adopted by more and more electronic products.  At the same time, many international giant software corporations such as Microsoft target the touch panel to apply and develop.  Therefore, the touch panel of the PC, mobile phone and other electronic products with display panels has been developed to a standard configuration.  According to the operating principle, the categories of touch panels can be divided to several types, such as optics, capacitance and resistance, infrared type and surface ultrasonic waves etc.  Based on the products’ development trend of multifunction, the touch panel requires more of the function of MultiTouch.  As to product cost, we request to increase the size of the touch panel while avoiding the sharp rise of the products’ cost.  As long as controlling the cost of the large panel of the touch panel in the future’s development, company can get the favorable competitive advantage in the field.

As to the market demand, some leading enterprises of electronic products of display class, such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and PC giant Apple all carry with the touch panel in their middle and high end products.  The customers’ feedback is great and companies win the great sales turnover.  As we can see, the market potential of the touch panel is huge. For the product itself, as an input device based on the brand new touch principle, optical touch panel supports the function of MultiTouch while touch panel of resistance type and infrared type does not have this function.  As to the panel size, the cost of optical touch panel will not change as the panel size’s variation in the field of view it can cover.  However, for the touch panel of other types, for instance, capacitive touch panel’s cost will go up apparently as the panel size increases.  Therefore, optical touch panel has a unique advantage in its similar products.

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