Axmatic Probe-In endoscope can be used for detecting all kinds of pipelines, petrochemical industry, automotive industry, railway, shipping, electrical equipment industry, natural gas inspection; Petrochemical industry, aviation, fire safety maintenance; Large and small machines maintenance; all kinds of pipe walls.

Probe-In is specially designed for automotive engines, catalytic converters, brake disc maintenance, chassis, and internal detection of instrument panel.
Probe-In detection system is applicable to all kinds of industrial tests. It is the latest product of industrial imaging endoscopes.

Probe-In screen has the function of image output. It is a superior industrial endoscope which can be observed immediately. It is light, convenient and portable.


  • Axmatic Probe-In Endoscope is equipped with corresponding industrial endoscope and all kinds of accessories (car cigarette lighter, audio line, mirror, hook, hanger). The equipped accessories (mirror, hanger) can help the endoscope to process the foreign matter in the pipeline.
  • Probe-In I is equipped with a 3.5 ” screen, 320*240 screen resolution; The images displayed can be rotated 180 degree; it contains touchtone switch and power light.
  • Probe-In I applies the supply mode of 4 AA batteries and supports 12 Volts DC of on board power. When the machine is in low battery, the power light will indicate the low battery.
  • The head dimension of the Probe-In I industrial endoscope is 8.5mm as diameter and 3 feet as length. On the top of the endoscope is equipped with camera as well as high light and straight LED. The LED could adjust to 10 stages. The endoscope could work under the temperature of -10℃~70℃.
  • Probe-In I has the function of Video out; The images can be viewed by connecting to TV or other screens.
  • Probe-In I has the advantages of certain proof of water and dust, corrosion resistance, and scratch proof of LCD screen.



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