Ultra-fine high precision tweezers are widely used in electronics, watches, jewelry, fabric inspection pick times, chemical, laboratories and high-tech areas

Axmatic may provide ST, SA, ESD interchangeable heads, stainless anti-static, conductive plastic fibers, wafer, ceramic full range of high precision tweezers, mainly stainless steel tweezers, black plastic injection molding fiber head tweezers, bamboo tweezers, forceps interchangeable heads, ceramic tweezers.

Product Features

  • Made ​​of stainless steel;
  • The magnetic anti-acid;
  • Tip hardness particularly good, not easily deformed, HRC over 40, long-term use, increased life expectancy;
  • In the use of touch easily able to adapt to long-term work;
  • The appearance of smooth lines, precision machining;
  • Sophisticated fine, long contact surfaces, and can adapt very fine product operation on an object 0.01mm



ST-10 Used for solder integrated circuit chips, and installation or replacement parts.

ST-11 This Tweezer length is longer than the standard type, suitable for precision electronic components operation.

ST-12 Strong grip on the circuit board when the tip of the tweezers will not bend, member will not fall.

ST-13 Circular tweezer to avoid damage to components for the extraction of chip circuits.

ST-14 Sharp tip winger, suitable for high-density integrated circuit chip assembly operations.

ST-15 This tweezer bent 45 degrees, suitable for extraction of components in a narrow place.









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