Green Energy Sponsorship

Axmatic had sponsor 5 units of high power microscope for the local university in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for develop biodiesel from algae.

We know algae appear to be the only feasible solution today for replacing petro-diesel completely. No other feedstock has the Oil Yield high enough for it to be in a position to produce such large volumes of oil. To elaborate, it has been calculated that in order for a crop such as soybean or palm to yield enough oil capable of replacing petro-diesel completely, a very large percentage of the current land available needs to be utilized only for biodiesel crop production, which is quite infeasible. For some small countries, in fact it implies that all land available in the country be dedicated to biodiesel crop production.

The university feedback in practice biodiesel has not yet been produced on a wide scale from algae, though large scale algae cultivation and biodiesel production appear likely in the near future 8-10 years

However the research and development from university are important towards green technology, no doubt Axmatic to support for the development study.